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TBO is going to be a laboratory, an atelier, a workshop in the sense of werkstatt. The idea is that each of you brings an idea for “instrument” you will build as part of the biotec orchestra – each together with some of the participants. Connectivity between the instruments and/or collaboration between all of you is crucial and very much apprectiated, that´s why we ask you to send a short description of you idea until end of june, so we all know what the others have in mind. We allready had a great brainstorming talking with all of you, but think it´s more clear if you write down the ideas in your own words (plus they maybe have changed in the last weeks…)

There was some confusion about if this is going to be an installation or the preparation of a live act: The answer is both. As we are in a biotechnological border area, the utopia is that the space (ausland) will get it´s own life as well as be playable as an orchestra (by us). KH expressed the wish for musical supervision, one person whose task is to accompagny the development of sound in space (in order to prevent a bricolage-cacophony, OR, if not, then concsiously choose one) and develops a score along the process which can be performed at the presentation friday night. Haco is interested in doing that.

Don Hill proposed a public discussion about sonic architecture and the biotec orchestra – we have the possibility to have one at Sophiensaele on the 9th of decembre (just before the workshop) – it´s a great idea, we´ll have to get more precise about that. All the festival is either broadcasted by reboot fm or streamed from our website.

A few words to astroturf homegrown for the ones who don´t know: For the final night and 10th anniversary of ausland ASTROTURF HOMEGROWN – THRIVE AND PROSPER: a tropical night of vegetable and musical blossoming happens saturday night. As it will take place in the setting of the biotec orchestra, Torsten Schlopsnies, one of the astroturf arstists will be a collaborator and regular guest at the workshop. astroturf homegrown has been part of most ausland festivals and the regular program and is a hybrid of (live)installation, performance and party which builds itself on the fly during the night it takes place.

We are happy that Olivia Oyama, Haco, Don Hill, KH Jeron and Kaffe Mathews are with us. Furthermore there is Bruno Pocheron, the festivals light designer, Torsten Schlopsnies, one of the artists of astrourf, the event which will take place as the final event of the festival, 15 workshop participants and Christina and Ruth from ausland as hosts.


a workshop-laboratory
Deadwood sings slowly. Trees rooted in the sky. Sonified metabolism of evergreens. Plant driven musical devices. Crystal gardens.

The biotec life orchestra is an electro-acoustic jungle – an orchestra of plants and a jungle of instruments: connecting, amplifying, generating, listening, manipulating, growing, playing, mixing rotting trees, potatoe oscillators, aeolian harps, mushrooms in glasses, electromagnetic fields, wind singing in leaves, a diorama, piezos, wires, moss, telluvian currents, sensors, cacteens, photosynthesis and field recordings.

The Workshop consists of 5 different, hopefully interacting Modules, each proposed by the following artists:

KH Jeron

Kaffe Mathews

Olivia Oyama


Don Hill

more people:

christina ertl-shirley and ruth waldeyer for the festival

todosch schlopsnies for astroturf

bruno pocheron and florian bach for lights