Thanks to Martin Howse,  Derek Shirley and everyone who attended last night’s talk (and listened on the radio/stream).

Here are links to content presented during the conversation. Wear headphones to best hear the immersive binaural-microphone recordings:

The Harmony Of The Square psychoacoustics project >>

Magazine articles that provide context for ‘field recordings’ of earth-based drones et al >>

The ‘in situ’ location audio + interventions are here >>    (Old Big files)

The lightning storm track (with drone intervention) >>

Again, for best _affect_ use headphones.

Martin Howse and I also referred to subtle electromagnetic fields (generated by the earth itself) that have an affect on human perception. My work with neuroscientist Michael Persinger is discussed in these links >>

The [em/I] project:  a simulacrum birch-grove installation using a derivation of Persinger’s circumcerbral (sic) magnetic stimulation device >>

The transcript for the _radio_ programme Haunted House, Haunted Mind (which tells of an encounter with a ‘ghost’ in the Rocky Mountains of Canada and replicating the experience in a neuroscience laboratory) is here >>

There is a television documentary (which you may also find of interest). Derek Shirley has the DVD, which I’m sure he’d be willing to pass along (or perhaps screen at Ausland?).

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