we met with the florist who will help getting the plants and clarified more the vision of the space:  We came to the idea that we will mainly work with plants from the region: moss, peas, wheat, mushrooms and of course birch trees!

We were talking about big, space filling plants and plants with a lively, exciting metabolism –

the peas, wheat, lentils, mushrooms etc. will be quickly growing during the week (or we start a bit before), christina looked for some other additional potted plants (please come with your wishes, if you have some!!! ), carnivores (we don´t have to be strict or holy with the regional idea), we will propably also order some additional “exotic” plants like:
venus flytrap and mimosas and two big cacti.

I´ll send a scetch of space planning today.

And again: please let us know as soon as possible if you want other plants, what kind of, how many, what size… now we have the time to find them!