I just had a meeting with Ian, who is the responsible sound technician for ausland and now also part of this blog.

A few questions from this meeting:

1) We discussed about PA needs for the workshop /presentation, so it would be nice to get some info from you about that. As you, Haco took over the score, it´s a question very much directed to you – which outputs do you imagine? How should the sound be in space? We can develop during the week, the ausland pa is there (4 mackie active speakers + 2 additional speakers + sub) here´s a link to the ausland tech rider if you want to check. The new PA is not in yet since we still need to buy it. http://www.ausland-berlin.de/ausland-technical-rider

we can stay spontaneous, but it´s good for Ian to roughly know what to expect, and to see if we have enough material

2) @ Don: Why does it need to be an additional preamp additional to the mixer? Ian will contact you directly too.

3) The night of the presentation there will be an accoustic concert of the wedding band,  which plays in the first festival weekend as well. Proposition: Friday the workshop starts later, as it´s ending later as well (the presentation starts at 20:00), so we can leave the morning to the weddingband to play in the space. Objections to that?

Questions! Answers! Propositions!
BTW: Now we are meeting with the houses florist about plant supply.