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Conrad and me in search of Material

Look forward to the weather…


and concert adversiment


hi end biotec

grass growing

1) I met with Todosch from Astroturf yesterday. We will install a pulling system, with which we can easily pull up whatever should not be on the ground level. Again: (I keep on wondering if I´m going on your nerves here): Tell us what you need!

2) we start to grow grass now and see who´s growing best: lentils, wheat, peas, oat…..


here´s some inspiration from SissiFM
i love the dancer

ausland has 4 1x2m  and 2 0,5x2m stage elements, some we use to grow wheat, lentils, mushrooms etc., some we use as working tables. the floor we thought to cover with bark mulch, both for acoustics and a change of feeling of the space. tell us what you think about the ideas and if you understand the drafts!



scetch to

view towards the window and the entrance door