a workshop-laboratory
Deadwood sings slowly. Trees rooted in the sky. Sonified metabolism of evergreens. Plant driven musical devices. Crystal gardens.

The biotec life orchestra is an electro-acoustic jungle – an orchestra of plants and a jungle of instruments: connecting, amplifying, generating, listening, manipulating, growing, playing, mixing rotting trees, potatoe oscillators, aeolian harps, mushrooms in glasses, electromagnetic fields, wind singing in leaves, a diorama, piezos, wires, moss, telluvian currents, sensors, cacteens, photosynthesis and field recordings.

The Workshop consists of 5 different, hopefully interacting Modules, each proposed by the following artists:

KH Jeron

Kaffe Mathews

Olivia Oyama


Don Hill

more people:

christina ertl-shirley and ruth waldeyer for the festival

todosch schlopsnies for astroturf

bruno pocheron and florian bach for lights